Tencent Takes Minority Stake in Russia’s GFAGAMES

Investment will power studio expansion, speed development of its MMO shooter game

(MOSCOW, RUSSIA) NOVEMBER 26, 2021 – GFAGAMES LLC (GFA) said today it has entered into an investment agreement with Tencent that will enable it to expand its development team and push ahead with its MMO first-person shooter game, called PIONER.

The Russia-based development studio said it has begun expanding its staff of developers, network engineers, animation specialists and artists for PIONER with an eye toward a 2022 release of the game. GFA began the game’s development in 2018, released PIONER’s first trailer earlier this year and unveiled a gameplay video at E3 over the summer.

“With Tencent’s resources and industry experience, we expect to be able to power ahead and complete PIONER faster and attract even more talent” said GFA Games Co-Founder Aleksandr Nikitin. “We’re glad and grateful that our vision of the gaming world and development vector of PIONER aligned so closely with Tencent’s.”

PIONER is a post-apocalyptic MMO first-person shooter with RPG and survival elements set on an isolated Soviet Island. PIONER’s gameplay is based on constant interaction between combat, world exploration and character development, presented realistically without the classic RPG trappings of “HP bars” or “monster levels.”

PIONER is far from the only creative project developed through GFA. The GFA team members has also been involved in the development of STALKER 2, Atomic Heart, Kings Bounty, Metro Exodus and Orange Cast.

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